April 20, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

As our countries begin to lift shelter-in-place orders and we set our sights on reopening our economies, the Kito Americas’ companies of Harrington Hoists, Inc., Peerless Industrial Group, Inc., Kito Canada and Kito De Brazil are open and ready to support you. While we are committed to maintaining safe practices for the health and well-being of our employees, customers and guests, we are also committed to supplying you with the products you will need to resume and restore your business while maintaining the trust and integrity in our people, programs, and products that you have come to expect from the KITO Americas Group.

As an essential business, we have remained open throughout this pandemic to support the needs of critical life sustaining businesses. We understand that all business must continue to move forward, and we have diligently continued to build stock to fulfill orders for products that will be needed as our customers begin to work again.  Our teams have also developed and released new products during this time bringing new solutions to the marketplace.

There will be many changes ahead for all of us and we are determined to embrace those changes as we all learn to adjust to a new business environment. We chose to see this as an opportunity to transform the way we work to continue to provide you with everything you need after this crisis. We have developed new ways of communication, training and customer engagement and we will continue to improve and build upon them in the months ahead.

As for our physical locations, over these last several weeks we have worked to ensure workspaces have adequate separation, hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the facilities, and common surfaces are being cleaned regularly. Daily temperature check procedures are in place and gloves and masks are available to anyone that needs them. We have social distancing requirements established and will continue to request that employees attend meetings remotely when possible.

We are moving in a positive direction as we have begun the process of returning our remote workers to our offices and some of our production facilities are resuming 5-day work schedules.  We are accepting limited guests to our facilities by appointment with all the appropriate guidelines in place. Our sales teams are available and ready to support your efforts in any way necessary. They are dedicated in providing your teams the professional, safe support you require. Please do not hesitate to give us a call when you are ready. We will be there to help.

We recognize that many of you have faced enormous challenges over the last few months and we want you to know that we will be here, ready to provide you the products and service you require.

Be safe and stay strong,