Quik Grip HD

Traditional and not-so-traditional steel link chain for heavy duty applications.

Professional grade components built all around tough and dependable will assure you get the job done and make it home safe.  Work requirements often take us deeper into harsh environmen with unforseeable conditions that demand more aggressive traction to make it through and back safely.  Make sure you have equipment that is up to the task and dependable.

Built-in CAM Tightening System

  • Heavy duty 0.312" cross chains. 
  • CAM tool #QG20095 is supplied in each bag.
  • Chain tensioners are NOT REQUIRED.

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Vehicle Type
Cross Member Pattern
  • Ladder
Tensioners Required
  • No
Tensioners Included
  • No
Meets Class “S”
  • No
  • Twist Link
  • Bag
Has CAM Locking Mechanism
  • Yes