Peerless Industrial Group has been offering best-in-class products, innovation and custom solutions to a diverse industrial and consumer customer base for over 100 years. Peerless utilizes our exceptional design, engineering, manufacturing, and quality teams, to develop products for the wide variety of markets we serve. Peerless is part of KITO Corporation’s global network providing our customers access to cargo control, traction, overhead lifting, material handling, marine, and hardware products.

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KITO’s Mission: Deliver Unmatched Satisfaction to Our Customers

KITO is committed to enhancing customers’ safety and productivity at customers’ operations by providing products and services with innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology. KITO always uses our customers’ perspective to design and bring innovative solutions to the material handling industry. KITO values the “Trust from our customers” as our first priority. KITO strives for our success based on this mission and believes it leads to the happiness of KITO team members and prosperity for our stakeholders.

KITO’s Quality: Our Driving “Spirit” is “Quality"

KITO believes the “Quality” of our products and services is the most important value of the company. KITO is committed to the highest quality in safety, ease of use, satisfaction to the customer needs, and environmental adaptation. KITO never sacrifices its quality for cost constraint, but provides it through our technology and innovation. KITO delivers our highest “Quality” to our customers through the shared spirit of each KITO team member: “Everything is for our customers’ value”.

KITO’s Innovation: Change and Challenge Always

KITO is committed to constantly improving our products, services and our operation through relentless innovation, and earns customers’ “Trust” as the leader of the industry. KITO always overcomes any constraints with our innovation and unceasing dedication. KITO highly regards and rewards our team members that strive for higher goals by innovating on behalf of our customers.

Value of KITO people: Integrity, Honesty, Pride and Gratitude

KITO people always act with integrity and honesty. KITO has pride in our business and in our behavior, and are always grateful to everyone and everything around us.


Your Link to Quality, Strength and Service Since 1917

Peerless Chain Company was founded in 1917 as a manufacturer of tire chains after the rights and interests for the diamond link chain patent were purchased from its inventor. Peerless eventually expanded into hardware and industrial chain manufacturing, as well as wire forms by the 1960’s. By the late 1970’s Peerless entered the overhead lifting market, but was still known primarily as a chain supplier to the local hardware stores and retail chain stores. That remained the case until a series of acquisitions beginning in 2004 changed the face of Peerless.

March 2004

The acquisition of Weissenfels USA. For several years Weissenfels USA has been the largest chain supplier to the U.S Department of Defense supplying chains for use in critical application items such as aircraft tie-downs, tow chains, aerial delivery cargo slings and tire chains. Weissenfels USA served the North American market for over 30 years. While the Weissenfels USA name is no longer in use, the customer relationships are still as strong today as they have ever been.

July 2006

The acquisition of the American Chain Company (ACCO). ACCO was established as the Weed Chain Tire Grip Company in 1904 and became the American Chain Company in 1912. Through the years, ACCO built a strong foundation in the overhead lifting and marine chain and fitting markets. The ACCO brand name is still in use today for the products in our marine category.

December 2010

The acquisition of Letellier Material Handling Equipment (LMHE). Beginning in 1974, LMHE manufactured high quality overhead lifting devices to satisfy the requirements of customers in many diverse industries. Today the products within the below-the-hook and material handling category are manufactured by the Peerless Custom Lifting divisions in South Holland, IL and Jeannette, PA.

September 2011

The acquisition of Security Chain Company (SCC). SCC brought cutting-edge traction and cargo control products to our always increasing product offering. Our SCC traction product category consists of many brand names like Auto-TracZ-Chain, and Super Z.

August 2014

Peerless became a wholly owned subsidiary of KITO Americas. KITO Americas also operates the Harrington Hoists and KITO Canada businesses in North America. KITO Americas is a market leader in providing powered and manual overhead lifting products. The combination of Peerless, Harrington and KITO brands gives our combined customers access to a much wider variety of products in the markets we serve throughout KITO’s global network.