Quik Grip Highway Service Truck Singles

Traditional and not-so-traditional steel link chain for heavy duty applications

Quik Grip link chain for heavy duty trucks is available in many styles from standard highway service (QG2200 Series for singles and QG4200 Series for duals) and bar-reinforced styles (QG2800 Series for singles and QG4800 Series for duals) to CTO (cold temperature operation).

Quik Grip is also available for other applications including graders, scrapers and farm tractors.

The new square rod Quik Grip Alloy chains are available in both singles and duals. They feature:

Long-wearing 7mm square link cross chains.

Extra durable manganese alloy steel with a yellow chromate finish.

Built-in CAM tightening system so tensioners are not required.

All Quik Grip heavy duty tire chains include complete installation and removal instructions. Chain tensioners are required but NOT included with all NON-CAM type chains.  Chains that offer a CAM tightening system DO NOT require separate chain tensioners, but they do require a CAM tightening tool that is included in the package. Please Note:  This traction product DOES NOT meet S.A.E. Class “S” clearance requirements.

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