CAM Release Lever Loadbinders

This binder is a lever load binder designed to allow the user to release the binder tension without any kickback of the handle.  The center of the body of the binder independently rotates, free of the handle, to release the tension smoothly and easily.

Center Body Independently Rotates Free Of The Handle

The center body rotates independently, which smoothly releases the tension preventing the handle from swinging with force.

Factory Proof Tested

Every Loadbinder is Factory Proof Tested to 75% of the minimum break strength.

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Product Chain Size (In.) - Grade 70 Chain Size (In.) - Grade 43 Take-Up (In.) Handle Length (In.) Quantity Per Pkg. Lbs. Per Package Working Load Limit (Lbs.) Working Load Limit (kg)
H5250-0658 5/16 3/8 4 13 4 39 5400 2449
H5250-4252 3/8 1/2 4.75 17.24 4 58 9200 4173
  • High-visibility yellow powder coat paint
  • Meet all DOT/CVSA/CCMTA requirements
  • Forged, yellow powder coated paint Grab Hooks
  • Cargo Control
  • Lever tensioning; Center body rotation releases tension