Ratchet Loadbinders

Meets all DOT/CVSA/CCMTA requirements. Special hook construction supports the load of the chain and will not bind. Loadbinders are heat treated and proof tested with forged heat treated hooks. The Working Load Limit is permanently marked on handle. All loadbinders feature special links with controlled flash welds and are painted with yellow, powdercoat enamel. 


High Visibility Yellow Powder Coat Paint

Yellow powder coat paint to ensure instant visibility and identification in darker environments.

Ratcheting Mechanism

The ratchet mechanism prevents motion in the opposite direction which makes this product safe and easy to use.

Heat Treated and Proof Tested Forged Hooks

Forging is a process that results in metallurgical recrystalisation and grain refinement after it has gone through the thermal cycle. Some products are not forged and therefore not as strong as if it were a forged product. These heat treated, forged hooks can withstand more tension and wear than most other hooks.

Engineered Links With Controlled Flash Welds

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Product Chain Size (In.) - Grade 70 Chain Size (In.) - Grade 43 Take-Up (In.) Handle Length (In.) Lbs. Per Package Working Load Limit (Lbs.) Working Load Limit (kg)
H5123-4052 1/4 5/16 5 6.75 9 3900 1769
H5123-4152 5/16 3/8 6.5 13.92 22 5400 2449
H5123-4252 3/8 1/2 6.5 13.92 26 9200 4173
H5123-4452 1/2 5/8 6.5 13.92 32 13000 5897
  • High-visibility yellow powder coat paint
  • Meet all DOT/CVSA/CCMTA requirements
  • Forged, yellow powder coated paint Grab Hooks
  • Cargo Control
  • Ratcheting mechanism