Custom Magnet Chain Slings

There are several options available to you for building your own customized chain sling. When ordering a chain sling, please keep the following in mind: 

1. SIZE: This is specified by the size of the material from which the chain is made, determined by working load limit required.

2. REACH: This is the length, including attachments, measured from bearing point to bearing point.

3. ATTACHMENTS: Unless otherwise specified standard master links as given herein will be used. When other than standard master links or hooks are required, we should be given a complete description or a drawing of the requested substitute.

Oblong Master; Sub-Assembly;  Kuplink; Kuplok; Kupler; Eye Sling Hook; Clevis Sling Hook; Eye Grab Hook; Clevis Grab Hook; Eye Foundry Hook; Clevis Foundry Hook

4. TYPE: Select and specify proper type of sling from list shown. Examples: S = single; O = oblong link; S = sling hook

SOO; SOS or SOSH; SOG; SOF; DOS; DOG; DOF; TOS; QOS; Adjustable Single; Adjustable Double; Single Endless Basket; Double Endless Basket