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Payment Terms

Peerless' standard payment terms are net 30 days. We do not allow discount on freight. Accounts that are 30 days beyond payment terms will be placed on hold until past dues are cleared with the credit department.


Prices are effective on the specific date of the current price list. Orders received on or after that effective date will be billed at the effective price. Deferred orders will be billed at the effective price of the specified shipping date. We will not allow nor give to our customers any rebates or refunds on their stock due to price declines. We do not ship any material on consignment.

Minimum Order

Minimum order is $100.00 net per invoice.

Freight Policies

Shipments are made F.O.B. Winona, MN or regional warehouse.  Any claim for shortage or damage is the responsibility of the customer and/or of the carrier.

If express/expedited transportation is requested, the customer pays the difference between actual charges and the preferred common carrier amount allowed by Peerless.

Returned Goods Policy

In order to receive a credit or exchange for goods returned, the following requirements apply:

  1. Written authorization to return materials must be obtained from Customer Service before shipment and must be accompanied by a return goods authorization number, or the return will not be accepted.
  2. Returns must be current models of our catalog items and be in original saleable condition.
  3. Transportation charges must be prepaid on returned goods.
  4. Requests to return must be made within one year of invoice date.
  5. Restocking charge for catalog products is 20%.  Custom non-catalog products are not returnable

Any necessary reconditioning costs will reduce credit issued. We reserve the right to issue credit at purchase price or current price, whichever is lower.

Cancellation Charges

Cancellation / restock charges may apply. Contact Customer Service for details.


Orders are subject to the approval of the Credit Department. Peerless will review disputed portions of invoices and/or payments only if we are notified and receive the necessary documentation within 30 days of invoice date. Products which may prove to be defective in material or workmanship will be repaired or replaced, F.O.B. shipping point at no charge. No warranty 

claim will be honored without a valid proof of purchase. All shipments made into the state of California require a California Resale Certificate.

Same Day - Rush Shipments - Parts

We request your cooperation to enter this type of order by 1:00 pm CST to allow us proper time to process your order.


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