The SmartBar™ is specifically designed for trailers and comes with soft rubber feet that pair with trailer walls. The additional cushioning in the feet compensates for the flex of some trailers, and the bar can be used to brace an entire load, or only part of a load. Smartbars can be positioned horizontally or vertically to ensure proper securement with the superior gripping power of the rubber feet. Its square tubing produces a strong hold to prevent the bar from bending. A vinyl coated lever provides smooth, positive operation and the optional SmartBar™ Repair Kit is there when required. For additional holding power, the SmartBar™ E-Trak attachment is available for use with any SmartBar™, doubling the front to back holding power into trailer E-track locks.


Square Tubing for More Holding Power

Square vs. round tubing provides a stronger bar (less susceptible to
bending and more surface area to cargo). Delivers 20% more holding power than conventional load locks.

Large adjustment range

Adjusts continuously from 48”- 108”. Securement range from small truck
bed to full high cube trailer width.

Versatile Placement

The SmartBar™ can brace a whole load or just part of one. Use as many bars as you want to hold your load in place.

Optional E-Trak Kit and SmartBar™ Repair Kit

With optional E-Track attachment (CC5015), the SmartBar™ can easily be adapted for use in A & E track, doubling the front to back holding power. And if any parts need replacing, just order a Smartbar™ Repair Kit (CC5016) to solve your problem.

Superior Gripping Power - Small and Large Feet

SmartBar™ feet will prove just how much gripping power they have. Whether you want small or large end feet for your SmartBar™, we carry both sizes to accommodate your needs. The Replacement Foot (SMALL) #: CC5018, and the Replacement Foot (LARGE) #: CC5019.

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Product Package Type Reach (in.) Weight Each (Lbs.) Quantity Per Pkg.
CC5010 Bundle 48 to 108 13.5 4
  • Zinc plated bar; vinyl coated lever
  • 48"-108"
  • Cargo control