How to Read Your Tire Size:

Tire size must be known in order to select a traction product. On most tires the size will look like this:

The Tire Width is 225mm wide, the Aspect ratio is 75% and the tire is mounted on a Wheel that is 16 inches in Diameter.

Tire Width is the measurement from one sidewall to the other.

Aspect Ratio is the height of the sidewall (from the edge of the inner rim to the tread) in relation to the section width. (In the above example, the tire’s height is 75% of its width of 225mm.)

Wheel Diameter is simply the measurement of the wheel from one end to the other.

The letter “P” means the tire was designed to be fitted on a passenger vehicle (cars, minivans, SUVs and light duty pickup trucks). “LT” would mean light truck. The letter “R” is regarding the construction of the tire – Radial, meaning the layers run radially across the tire.


IMPORTANT: Tire chains should be fitted to the tires before actual use is required.